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·2013// Postgraduate in Art Direction in Interactive Advertising.

In the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.
·2012// Website Design and Development Technician. 
At the Rey Don Juan Carlos University.
·2010// Professional Specialization in Graphic Design. 
In the School of Art and Design "Sistema".
·2009// Bachelor of Fine Arts at UPV (Leioa-Vizcaya).
·2016// Zerua gris dago. Etxepare 2016 Award.
Written by Isaak Martínez. Published by Editorial Pamiela.
·2015// MALKO.
Written by Liébana Goñi. Published by the Colectivo Y Peluda.
·2015// Ilunean Argi - Lucía en la oscuridad.
Written by Liébana Goñi. Published by Editorial Denonartean-Cénlit Editions.
·2017// Finalist in the Euskadi Literature Prize: with the book
'Zerua gris dago'.
·2016// Winner of the Etxepare Prize: for the illustrated children's album 'Zerua gris dago'.
·2019// ZART!: illustration for the publication of the 10th Anniversary of the Navarra Comic Show.
·2018// Psicogénesis Explosiva: illustration for the publication of the
1st International Poetry Show. Organized by Spoken Word Bilbao and Centro Azkuna Bilbao.
·2017// Areago, Istorioak belarrietara: illustrations for the publication of the Igartubeiti and Zugarramurdi Museums.
·2017// BALA: poster design for the 5th edition of the Bilbao Art Book Fair.
·2017// Principia Magazine: illustration for scientific article.
·2016// Gaztezulo Magazine: illustration for opinion article.
·2016// Fanzine Psicoclavo Nº6: illustration for cover.
·2016// Administrazioa Euskaraz Magazine: illustration for article. 
IVAP-Basque Government.
·2016// KLOF Fanzine Nº20: illustration.
·2016// Insensato: illustration for illustrated album of the stories of Edgar Allan Poe. Edited by Ediciones Invisible.
·2016// Fanzine Armadillo Nº3: ​illustration.
·2015// Fanzine Zorras Peligrosas Nº1: illustration.
·2015// Fanzine Psicoclavo Nº3: illustration.
·2019// Imaginarios - Imajinarioak: collective exhibition of the panorama of illustration in Navarra. Mixed Pavilion, Ciudadela of Pamplona.
·2019// Contraespacios / Kontraespazioak 4th edition: exhibition that unites poetry and illustration. In Walden Librería Café, Pamplona.

·2018// Totoro: collective exhibition to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of 'Mi vecino Totoro'. Traveling exhibition in Spain.

·2017// Carabí-Carabá: exhibition and workshops in the Sala de Armas of La Ciudadela. Pamplona, ​​Navarra.

·2017// Yo, la peor de todas / Ni, denetan okerrena:

collective exhibition curated by Maite Garbayo Maeztu. A project in collaboration with the Museum of Navarre, the Jorge Oteiza  Museum Foundation and the Huarte Contemporary Art Center.

·2017// Galtzagorri Elkartea: workshops for children based on the illustrated album 'Zerua gris dago'.

·2017// VIII Salón del Cómic de Navarra: collective exhibition of the 50th anniversary of the album 'The Velvet Underground & Nico'in the Condestable Palace. Pamplona, ​​Navarra.

·2017// La Valeta: individual illustration exhibition. Erripagaña, Navarra.

·2016// ATLAS. Lápiz y papel= Ilustración: workshop for the

ATLAS meetings in Tabakalera. San Sebastian. Guipúzcoa.

·2016// VII Salón del Cómic de Navarra: collective exhibition

'Fanzines de cómic e ilustración'  in the Sala de Armas of La Ciudadela. Pamplona, ​​Navarra.

·2016// Autoedit II: collective auto-edition exhibition at the Contemporary Art Center of Huarte, Navarra.

·2015// Sal de Dudas: artistic piece for the exhibition of the SARE  Association, at the Contemporary Art Center of Huarte. Made with the Colectivo Y Peluda.

·2014// Autoedit: collective exhibition of auto-edition in the Center of                Contemporary Art of Huarte, Navarra.

·2014// Mapa Mundistas: creation of exhibition 'Recorridos Habitados'

with the Colectivo Y Peluda. Pamplona and Tudela, Navarra.


·1// Member of Fanzine Pan de Molde.

·2// Member of Colectivo Y Peluda.

·3// Member of PUMPK Festival de auto-edición de Pamplona.

2010 - present

2010 - present